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Sasja Fierce workshopS

SUN MAY 12th, $65/each


1:00pm: Static Revolution (ALL Levels)

Want to fly like Sasja Fierce? Spinning on static has become a lost art. This workshop will concentrate on learning how to use your grip to the advantage of your spin, creating flow and beautiful spins on static in order to move effortlessly, laterally and vertically on the pole.

2:45pm: power architecture (Beg/Intermed)

Be fearless and in control of your movement. Learn proper conditioning techniques to prepare and propel your aerial tricks. From earth based inverts to air, you will form a bond with true muscle engagement and stability. (Preparation for floor and aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, press ups, brass monkey and deadlifts, including grip variations for all of the above.)

4:30pm: synthesis (Intermed/Advanced)

Learn how to combine tricks, spins and floor work on static pole. Build combinations and seamless transitions by listening to your body and pulling from your repertoire in order to create your very own "fierce" routine. Prerequisites: Aerial Inverts, Aerial Shoulder Mounts.

Natasha Wang workshopS

fri November 24th, 7:30pm

(All Levels)

Fly, play and twirl in this all-levels donations-only workshop with pole super-star Natasha Wang! All proceeds will go towards benefiting Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Cost: $35 per person, with 100% of proceeds going to All Hands.


Liquid Motion Workshops with Jeni Janover

Friday October 13th, 7pm: Anatomy of the Heel

$65 (All Levels)

A dancers guide to how to dance in heels. Do you want to be able to watch a video on You Tube and understand how they did that? NOW YOU CAN. In this workshop, you will learn about the anatomy of your shoe. You will learn how to utilize the edges and pivot points of your Lucite heels to create a smoother, stronger, and more exciting style of movement. You will learn about ankle stability and strength. Finally, we will learn the most important techniques and tricks so that you to can really understand how to dance in heels on the floor and around the pole. You must have your own pole dance heels for this workshop sweat pants, sweat shirts, kneepads, and leg warmers are highly recommended.No street shoes will be permitted. 

Saturday OCTOBER 14th, 5:30pm: Liquid on the Pole

$65 (ALL Levels)

 (Formerly Liquid Motion 2). Do you want to learn Jeni Janover signature Liquid Motion techniques NOW... on the pole!? Do you want to be able execute what  see on Instagram on FaceBook?   NOW YOU CAN! In this workshop  you will learn Jeni Janover’s signature Liquid Motion style on the pole including movement theory, natural rotation, progression of sequences, and working with the physics of your body to create effortless and complex movement sentences. Get ready to learn twisty turn-y flows, unusual pirouettes, non-aerial spins, pole to floor transitions, and floor work around the base of the pole. You asked for it and now its here. LIQUID MOTION ON THE POLE. This is an open level workshop, as there is something for every one.


Saturday OCTOBER 14th, 7:15pm: Liquid Doubles

$75 per person (ALL Levels)

Two hour open level workshop exploring everything Liquid Motion with the added element of acro dance. Students will learn how to connect with another person through non-verbal communication, body awareness, and use the Liquid Motion methods. They will dive into more difficult concepts of partner work, movement, creating flows and shapes and going airborne. This workshop can be tailored to each particular studios request, depending on their student’s abilities and interest in partner work. Content can range from partner work on the floor, partner work involving lifts and transitions, and even dance based partner work on and around the pole. Get ready to roll, swing, fly, lift, thread and possibly pole* as we take the world of doubles movement to a whole new level.

Jeni Janover

Jeni Janover is the passionate founder and owner of Liquid Motion®. In addition to being an XPERT and ElevatED certified pole instructor, Jeni has an extensive background in performing and visual arts, ranging from Classical ballet to sculpture and graduated at the top of her class in the school of Fine Arts at Syracuse University. She began her pole dancing career in 2010, and was instantly addicted. Jeni created Liquid Motion® because she wanted to develop a methodology for people of all levels and backgrounds that teaches students the fundamentals of movement through basic dance theory and exploration of natural instincts. Jeni has taught her signature workshops all over the United States, Mexico and Canada, and is excited to be able to bring this new 75 Minute liquid Motion class to Body and Pole. Jeni describes her style of dancing and teaching as a combination of life, love, sex, and raw emotion. She believes that knowledge, exploration, and education are the keys to bringing the aerial arts to the forefront of modern culture and is excited to be a part of the ever growing pole dance community.

Carmine BlacK WorkshopS

Saturday August 5th, 5pm: Flow Work 1

(All Levels)

This workshop focuses on fundamental elements of what makes movement connected, fluid, and cohesive. We will explore exercises & sequences that will pull you out of your head, and into your body.

Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt). Your feet and knees must be covered.

Saturday August 5th, 7pm: Swag Queen

(ALL Levels)

In this workshop we will explore different ways to swag out your sexy. With a fusion of sultry Low flow and floorwork, you will learn how to isolate, accent, hair whip and heel clack with style.

Layers are HIGHLY suggested (leggings, legwarmers, knee pads, socks, and a tee-shirt). Your feet and knees must be covered. Heels are encouraged and recommended.

EliZabeth CaRmine BlacK

With over 10 years of experience in movement and bodywork, Elizabeth specializes in improvisational dance and performance art. She was a professional ballroom dancer for over 3 years, and has experience in belly dance, salsa, hip-hop, and contemporary movement. In 2013 she started taking pole classes, became Xpert certified and has been obsessed with pole dance ever since. Her ultimate goal is to create a safe and creative environment where students can learn different techniques while exploring an authentic expression of their own body movement. Through sensuality and awareness, she believes that dance can be empowering, and encourages each student's journey individually.


Natasha Wang workshopS

Tue May 16th, 6pm: Pole Wish List

(All Levels)

 This is a longer, looser, but still intense workshop in which students will finally conquer the tricks on their wish list as well as be challenged to take their movement to the next level through more difficult transitions, variations or combinations.

TUES May 16th, 8pm: Poetry on the Pole

(ALL Levels)

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” Inspired by this Mata Hari quote, this workshop blends creative movement exercises, poetic movement on the pole, and choreography to the spoken word. Students will learn to tap into the artist within.

NatAsha Wang

Natasha Wang is an L.A.-based performer and instructor who has won the titles of:
IPDFA Instructor of the Year 2015; IPC Ultimate Champion 2013; Pole Art 2012 Runner-Up; US Pole Dance Champion 2011;USPDF West Coast Champion 2010; California Pole Dance Champion 2010; East Meets West Miss Pole-AM 2010.

In 2014, Natasha also won “Female Performance Artist of the Year” and “Inspirational Artist of the Year” at the PWN (Pole World News) Awards. As a guest performer, she has appeared on “The View” on ABC, “Good Day L.A.” on FOX, “Amazing Dance” on Hunan TV, and “Day Day Up” on Hunan TV, China’s #1 TV show with over 300 million viewers. She has been a soloist across Mainland China, including Macau’s China Rouge at the Galaxy Hotel. In 2011, Natasha performed with the Doug Aitken art-theater project “Black Mirror” starring actress Chloe Sevigny. Natasha is sponsored by XPole, MilaKrasna and Kelly Maglia Couture and is elevatED Pole- and Flexibility-Certified.


Cleo's Valentine Routine Workshop




Natasha Wang workshopS

Fri 16th, 7-8:30pm: Wang Style: Signature Pole Tricks

(Intermediate to Advanced)

This constantly evolving workshop is always updated with Natasha’s newest tricks and combos. No two Signature Pole Tricks workshops are ever the same! Students will focus on unique transitions on and off the pole, innovative aerial tricks, Chinese pole techniques, as well as movement that transforms the human body into beautifully strange shapes. Students should be able to perform basic advanced moves such as Extended Butterfly or Handsprings.

Sat 17th, 1:30-3pm: Wang Style: Signature Pole Tricks

(Beginner to Intermediate)

Specially designed for polers of Beginner-Intermediate levels, this workshop is a compendium of Natasha's latest and greatest Signature Tricks. We'll learn dazzling aerial poses, introductory Chinese pole techniques, dynamic spins, and creative mounts. Being able to invert is not a pre-requisite for this workshop, but students should be able to climb the pole.

Sat 17th, 3:30-5pm: Get off the Floor!

(Intermediate to Advanced)

A powerful and fun performance isn’t always about the aerial tricks. Learn how to dance from the floor onto the pole as we hand-balance, spin, jump and cartwheel our way from the floor onto our apparatus.