All our workshops are 90 mins and are open to ALL LEVELS.

The Art of Seduction

"Seduction is much more than beauty. It is generous. It is intelligent. It is mysterious. It's exclusive." - Beyoncé

CABARET CHAIR Choreo Workshop

Our Cabaret Chair Workshop is inspired by the glamorous old-time cabaret revues, such as Le Moulin Rouge and The Blue Angel. You'll get a cardio workout and will tone up your core and legs, all while learning the art of suggestion with a dazzling, flirtatious routine. Whether you're putting on a show for someone special or simply for yourself, we'll coax out your inner show-girl. Spotlight please!


Grab your partner, because for one special night they will be allowed to come in and dance with you! A little on the floor, a little on the pole, a little all over! Do a little something different for date night! This 90 minute class will be taught by our very own K Dance Instructor Alma AND her husband Peter. All levels welcome. COUPLE'S ONLY please 💞.  

Heels 101 Dance Choreo Workshop

Want to learn how to feel sexy and confident in your heels? Elevate your movement with this class designed to get you more comfortable dancing in heels on and around the pole.  Learn to toe drag and heel clack your way through combos and sequences that can easily be fused into dynamic, seductive, and slithery choreography.  

HIP HOP (Twerk School)

Our most popular workshop! Whether you're a complete beginner or an Olympic Twerker, you will love Ms Ashley's upbeat and energetic style. No slackers in this school though - get ready to put some work in and shake your ass. This is a great start to any girls' night out. Bring your friends, water and knee pads if you have them.


We're bringing you THE ART OF TEASE. Come learn a sensual, seductive routine that will drive your SO wild!


Ready for a little Mischief? Because we can't wait to unveil our newest K Workshop!

We present a perfect opportunity for you to get a little down and dirty with pole and floor work that will elicit the naughty side of you. She's just been waiting for her chance under the studio lights!
Slide into this ALL LEVELS class and leave your inhibitions at the door. No experience necessary. Bring whatever clothing, shoes, accessories make you feel sexy and empowered (and knee protection if possible please).


Noche de Pasion

This workshop unites pole with dance styles from around the globe. From the spicy rhythm of Salsa, to the sensual mood of Bachata or the slow, romantic tempo of Kizomba, each class brings a new twist.

Video Vixens

Want to learn the hottest music video choreography from your favorite artists, new and old? You'll love our new class Video Vixens! We'll learn a new routine in each high-energy, fun filled class. No dance experience? No worries! Ms Ashley will break each choreo' down into an easy-to-follow step-by-step routine. After a few repetitions you'll be shaking like Beyonce, werking like Britney and vogue-ing like Madonna.