INTRO TO POLE (All Levels, 90mins)

Always wanted to try Pole? Come get a feel for what this fun and empowering movement can do for you. You'll learn fundamental floor moves, tantalizing transitions, and sexy spins, and you'll go home with a mini-routine to practice - and share!

There's no better way to spend 90mins burning calories! This class is just for YOU!

What to Bring: Wear a tank/short sleeved t-shirt and shorts/cropped pants. We'll be bare foot for this class. Don't forget to bring water. (Be assured that we will explore a multiplicity of clothing and footwear as you start to move through our curriculum levels.)

K Pole CuRRiculum

Class Duration: 110mins

Our pole dance and fitness classes are structured into 4 curriculum-based levels, plus our Masters' class. Each level has been carefully created to offer a safe and exciting progression from preparation & strengthening, to performing & freestyling.

Level One: Beginners

In level 1 you will learn the basics of pole dance including sultry floorwork and gorgeous pole spins. This level focuses on developing new muscle memory and building a foundation of fitness that will continue to grow as you do, through the next levels. As you begin your pole journey we will make sure you have a good understanding of pole and fitness safety so that you can keep learning at your own pace. We love to see already by the end of Level 1, our students walking out with a renewed confidence (and a little hip swish!).

Level TWO: Intermediate 1

As we continue to build strength and flexibility in Level 2 you will add ever more moves to your performances and your skill will climb to new levels - literally! Yes, this is where you will learn to climb. And there's more... In level 2 we begin to teach inverts. You do not have to master inverts immediately, but we will help you prepare and condition until you feel ready. By the end of level 2 you'll be feeling mighty proud of yourself!

LEVEL THREE: Intermediate 2

By now you have enough moves in your dancers' tool box to create beautifully dynamic and varied performances. You will be surprised by how much strength you now have and by the growing ease with which you flow from one move to the next. We will review your journey, building on technique and poise, while continuing to grow your repertoire of pole (and more) moves. 


LEVEL FOUR: Advanced

In Level 4 you'll learn the foundations of advanced pole moves, develop your strength and discover new ways to connect your movements. We'll guide you through exercises and assignments that explore concepts like levels (floor, wall, pole low and high), musicality, energy play, and mindful movement. It's time to let your body explore and play with everything you've learned, as you move deeper into your freestyle.


You have worked hard and come so far! The Masters level is your new home. From here you will continue your pole journey with your instructor as your guide, and the world - floor to ceiling, and wall to wall - is your oyster.

Booty Build & Burn (All Levels, 60mins)

We're focusing on our bootiful booties in this class, using our own body weight and gravity to perform exercises in short bursts of maximum effort. We'll concentrate on the best exercises and on promoting good form, so that you'll feel the benefits where it counts! This will be a challenging but super-fun class to wake up your glutes and ANYONE can do it!!! We hope to see all your glorious bums on our mats 😉

FIT BURST (All Levels, 30mins)

Fit Burst is our new Calisthenics-based training class. The word Calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength) – the two qualities we at K are dedicated to helping you discover in yourself. So why Fit Burst? In this class you'll use nothing but your own body weight and gravity to perform exercises in short bursts of maximum effort. We'll concentrate on the best exercises and on promoting good form, so that you'll feel the benefits of improved physical fitness, aerobic capacity and grace of movement. Are you ready for Fit Burst?!

FLEX (All Levels, 60mins)

Can anyone get more flexible? YES! In this class we incorporate both static and dynamic stretches to help increase your mobility and range of motion, in harmony with your own body awareness. Through a series of passive and active stretches, your lines will lengthen, and your body will open, release tension and move deeper. Working on a different body part each week, we dedicate that time to nurturing a specific area and giving it the special attention it's been longing for. Your body will thank you for this!

FLOOR PLAY (All Levels, 75mins)

Ready for some Floor Play? Join us for a class that incorporates a variety of dance and pole techniques to help your body learn how to express itself. This all levels class is taught in a way that will increase your body awareness, confidence, strength, and flexibility while exploring your sensual self both on and off the pole. Connect the body, mind and heart… and let them come play!

Guided meditation (ALL LEVELS, 30mins)

This 30 minute guided meditation and light stretching, will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, with your mind and body centered and ready to take on the rest of your week. In the soothing atmosphere of our beautiful studio you’ll find the perfect place to re-treat, re-balance and re-lease tension.


 A studio will be available for your personal use. This is a great opportunity to practice, and to dance. There will be no formal instruction during this time. Be sure to warm up and cool down adequately and do not attempt moves you are uncomfortable with or need a spot for. Have fun!

Pole Klinic (ALL levels, 60mins)

Pole Klinic is the perfect bridge between regular class and open pole. After a short instructor-led warm-up, you're free for your independent but supervised practice. Use this time to work on a move that's been eluding you, or a combo you've been wanting to explore. Your instructor won't be teaching new moves but she is there to spot you, advise you and inspire you.

Classes alternate between Levels 1-3 and Masters, therefore please check level when you sign up.

Pole-ography (All Levels, 60mins)

Whether it is technique, musicality, stage presence, use of space & levels or developing smooth transitions, these classes will help you develop as a pole dancer for performance or simply for your own enjoyment. A different focus each time, but always a fun and informative class and with just the right amount of challenge. We'll have you dancing more fluidly and more confidently and have you feeling like you own the dance floor.

Class is different each time and may occasionally have pre-requisites - please call studio or CHECK FACEBOOK EVENT for session details.

Pole Circuit (All Levels)

Whether you're a seasoned poler, a fitness junkie or just starting out, our Pole Circuit offers a fun and dynamic, full-body workout. You'll work through a series of 8-10 stations performing quick bursts of high-energy activity with alternating muscle groups and bouts of cardio. You can follow our suggested circuit or plan your own combination to match your mood or training goals.

Is it only for Pole Dancers? No, we design it to benefit absolutely everyone but we keep it fun and feminine by incorporating some of the same movements from our pole classes.

Strength & Conditioning (All Levels, 60mins)

Our Strength and Conditioning class is specially designed to challenge you to work the core areas and specific muscle groups that are so important to us in pole dance and fitness. While creating muscle memory and awareness, the class will emphasize the importance of proper stretching and strengthening techniques in order to prevent pole injuries. This is a challenging but fun work out for any level and a perfect way to complement your pole classes.