K Dance and Fitness opened it's doors in November 2016, as a women-only fitness studio, focusing on pole dance and fitness. In addition we offer a carefully selected range of classes, such as yoga and flexibility training, which compliment pole dance by building strength and fluidity in core areas.

At K Dance and Fitness, we provide high-caliber, supportive teachers, in a nurturing environment, that is free from judgement. A place where each and every woman is welcome, and is empowered to be her true self and to discover her own strengths. Let us show you how beautiful we know you are.

We hope to do far more than simply grow a business. We aspire to build a community. A trusted network of women who care for and support one another.

Private classes are available on request for your special occasion or for personal training.

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charlotte (owner)

Charlotte discovered pole dance when her son was a year old, and she was seeking a little time out to reconnect with herself, and rebuild confidence in her new body. "I was captivated from my very first class! I had a wonderful teacher, formed deep friendships, and found a way to express myself that I hadn't dreamed of before. Pole dance makes me feel like I can fly. I know now that my body is amazingly strong and that my soul is full of beauty and joy."

For the last 7 years, Charlotte has been involved with the pole dance community, training and networking with local students and award winning teachers from across the globe. She regards pole dance as a true art form. "Pole dance is fun and exciting, but also requires dedication to strength, flexibility and mindfulness."

"I want every woman to experience that first time you truly let go and dance in the moment, without conscious thought, without self-doubt, without fear." 

Charlotte lives in Katy with her husband and two crazy children.


Image courtesy of The Queen B Photography

Image courtesy of The Queen B Photography

Image courtesy of Michael Webb.

Image courtesy of Michael Webb.


In pole dance Alma discovered a whole new way to appreciate and nourish her body, her brain and her heart. A world where she could just be herself. And that is what she seeks to give back to her students. "We have lost touch with our bodies. Through pole dance I can help each woman give her own body permission to do what it wants to do and what it was meant to do... enjoy existing."

Alma harnesses her own sensual vulnerability and transforms it into something daring and beautiful. With her grounding in other forms of dance and feminine movement, she brings an exciting eclecticism to K Dance and Fitness. Come join her in exploring the most radical and revolutionary act that exists... simply to love yourself.

Alma lives in Houston with her husband a four awesome children.



Following an extensive dance background, it was pole dancing that led Micka to fall in love with movement all over again. It allowed her to be truthful and express herself without needing to find the words.

Micka is a whole-hearted champion of K Dance and Fitness' mission to empower women by helping them discover their own strength and beauty. In her class you will learn to love yourself and to know that you are strong enough, in the studio and in life. She will support you along your journey to find the courage and personal acceptance to "love yourself first, or no one else will."

Micka is a regular at pole competitions and sets the stage alight with her honest, edgy performances.


Image courtesy of Phoebe Cheong

Image courtesy of Phoebe Cheong

Image courtesy of Imaging Studios.

Image courtesy of Imaging Studios.


With her naturally caring and nurturing spirit, Lisa will guide you through the emotional, sensual, sexy side of pole dance and compel you to love and cherish the beautiful integrity of your own body. She will share with you how that beauty and sensuality couples with the distinctly feminine badass qualities that pole brings out.

Her purpose and passion is to ensure you "have a wonderful time, challenge your gorgeous body, and leave feeling undeniably amazing, sexy, sensual, and powerful."



Nici is an energetic, motivating teacher who is always excited about sharing her passion and love for our sport with her students. "Pole dance is a great workout which never gets boring. It has helped me get to know my body better and to discover my inner beauty."

Nici loves the personal challenge of learning new moves and feeling how her strength and style progress with each step. "I want to help women get fit, get in touch with their own bodies and feel that same sense of pride and achievement. Not for their teacher, not for an audience, but for themselves."

As a caring and committed friend and teacher, Nici is devoted to building our pole community and encouraging a network of women who help and support one another.

Let her take you on a journey of self discovery!





One of Vicki’s favorite times of day is when she finishes the last rep of a tough workout. Partly because it is done, but mostly because, day after day, you find a strength you may have never felt before. “It is a strange feeling to pick up something that weighs more than your own body does, but it is also so incredible to find that ability within yourself.” Vicki hopes to show every woman who walks into K Dance and Fitness how strong she is, and can be. 

Vicki grew up as a competitive swimmer, in and out of multiple sports through the years, and transitioned into CrossFit 8 years ago. After walking into a Pole studio over 3 years ago, she knew she found a dance, a workout, and a community she loved and wanted to remain a part of.  

Vicki understands that every woman who walks into the studio has a story, a circumstance, or a physical limitation, and will modify, help, and cheer each woman on in whatever way they need. She believes in listening to your body, loving your body, and pushing through your comfort zone. ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.’



Ashley has been dancing her whole life. Whether training in everything from ballet and jazz to hip hop and modern, or leading her college dance team "Twisted Elegance", or preparing for pole dance competitions, Ashley is dedicated and adventurous. "I dance because it's freeing. I can truly be who I am without anyone trying to keep me in a box."

With her eclectic taste, Ashley finds bliss in exploring music based on her emotions, sometimes rockin', sometimes raunchy, sometimes slow.

Ashley believes, as we all do at K, that every woman is beautiful, and she is dedicated to showing them that. She teaches her students to "love yourself, because no-one else will love you like you do. Be selfish and take care of you."

Ashley's Twerk School is a fun, sexy and energetic workshop for all levels. Each class introduces a new style and a full group choreography that everyone can enjoy thanks to Ashley's guidance and attentive way of breaking down each move.

By day Ashley is a skilled veterinary technician, originally from Long Island and proud of her Jamaican and Costa Rican roots.





Athletics coach by day and pole instructor by night, Tiffany knows that K Dance and Fitness is “the perfect way to eradicate the stressful energy of each day.” You will be captivated by her contemporary, sultry style and be dazzled by her pole acrobatics.

Tiffany’s passion for pole dance drives her to teach as a way to share her knowledge of dance and fitness, and to evoke wellness, sensuality, and physicality in others. She is an experienced and compassionate teacher, and also simply hilarious! You will find love and laughter in her classes.

Tiffany will inspire you and encourage you to relent your inhibitions and to leave her class confident that “your super-power is YOU, and no-one else has it.”




Pole dance captivated Janna because of the unique way it allows here to be vulnerable and to express herself in a dynamic way. “It gives me strength, unleashes my sensuality, and helps me connect with others.” And that’s what she is excited about bringing to you. 

Janna is devoted to creating a safe space where you can escape the world, and express yourself through movement, free from distractions. By both championing and challenging you, Janna strives to help you grow and achieve your goals. With her infectious energy and creativity, she will draw out your positivity and optimism, and teach you to be patient and love your authentic self, so you can grow in confidence and venture outside your comfort zone.

With her fun and easy-going nature, you will enjoy being in the studio with Janna as both your teacher and fellow student. We’re excited to bring to you a wide range of classes and workshops from Janna’s extensive teaching experience, and she can’t wait to meet you!